Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Night in Paris

Typically I am not a huge fan of a "themed night."  I like to get all fancy and go out with the hubs, but I despise running around town looking for any type of costume for a party.  I have one of those theme party events this Saturday, but I am willing to make an exception because the theme is "A Night in Paris."

I am wearing your basic LBD with a little feather hem

a beret

and lots and lots of pearl necklaces...

this of course would be THE perfect necklace....
 but sadly it is no where in my closet!!


  1. You must post pictures!! You're going to look so chic!

  2. Did you go to or host one of these last year? I remember discussing Paris stuff with you.

  3. It's so fun to get dressed up! And pretend you're in Paris!

  4. Hope you have a great night Jill:)