Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Things I need

Do you ever see someone with a cute pair of shoes, outfit, piece of jewelry, anything and then you literally become obsessed with acquiring that cute piece?  

That happens to me all the time...

Last week at bar method this girl next to me had the cutest workout/stirrup pants and now I need these...
I would never of thought to shop for workout clothes at Victoria's Secret.

and then I saw someone else in these cute socks...

 and yes I bought both

then I was watching WWHL a couple days ago and Lea Michele was on and Andy gave her this

and I knew it was the perfect birthday gift for my friend Mollie, then I realized it was the perfect gift for me too, so I had to order 2.

Things I need does not only pertain to clothes, I was watching FoodNetwork over the weekend and right now I need to make these chicken sliders from The Pioneer Woman

and now I think I need to have a dinner party so I can make this...
that Pioneer Woman can cook!!

And finally,  I need these...
non slip sparkle headbands, they come in 5 different colors and I need every last one!!


  1. Yep, the shopping obsession happens to me all the time! Love the workout pants and headband!


  2. I have always wanted to order one of those Mazel t-shirts from Bravo!! And I love the Pioneer Woman! Her recipes are so easy and good. Her pasta salad with pickles is TDF.