Friday, June 13, 2014

Girl Friday

We have a big weekend here over at chez beautiful.  First off I think my weekend unofficially begun Wednesday night when my brother in law came to town for a visit.  He was introduced to WOP and is quite taken with it...
this rose is my latest summer obsession, perfect for a little wine on porch with friends.

My brother in law is a foodie so we have been eating and drinking like there is no tomorrow

This morning we are going to cleanse our bodies to get ready for the weekend.  First stop here

then I am taking him to my favorite juice bar for a little mean green

then we will have a few hours to chill poolside

Tonight, after the hubs gets home from work we are off to the opening night of a new restaurant owned by my brother in law's high school friend
this will be his third restaurant to open here in STL

Saturday is my and the hubs anniversary !!

We will be spending the afternoon at various kid activities

things have really changed since our wedding day

but Saturday night a celebratory dinner

Sunday is the hubs birthday and father's day.  My gift to Dan
I am taking the kids and the dog to Michigan for the week!!

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  1. I almost couldn't read the whole post b/c I was stuck on the rose! I just discovered that wine too and it's $10 and amazing!! Love it. Happy Anniversary!! You are still the gorgeous couple I had a cyber crush on for the last 6 years! :-)