Thursday, June 5, 2014

Little Face Lift

We have been in our current home for 4 years, I have managed to personalize most of our house except our family room.  It is still the same color it was when we bought it.  The problem was I did not hate the color, not love, not hate so this room was moved to the bottom of the to do list.

Well now I am so over the color and we desperately need some type of window treatment because the glare from the sun is really interfering with the hubs TV watching time.

It's a fabulous room, it was what sold us on this house, a huge family room with lots of light
but it's time for a change.

First off get rid of the yellow, and paint the walls blue.  I have my colors narrowed down to...

Benjamin Moore "blue springs"

 Benjamin Moore "summer showers"

and finally

Benjamin Moore "santorini blue"

I mean they really all 3 look almost identical but I think I am leaning towards summer shower, but that changes on a daily basis.

For our window treatments I ordered some bamboo shades, I love bamboo shades.  I need to block the glare but I don't want our room to feel dark...

this wall color with shades is what i am going for (minus the white couch, I mean I do have 3 kids and a dog)

bamboo shades just a little darker in color

and finally we need to face lift our wet bar

I mean paint the cabinets, change the counter tops and voila

nothing to it!!


  1. Love your ideas Jill....that last photo is fab!

  2. Oh your plans are going to really brighten up the room - it's going to be gorgeous! I love white cabinets. They make all the difference.

  3. I love the blue! I think you could get away with just painting the cabinets on the wet bar.

  4. I love the same blue you picked. I think that shade will be perfect. Also love your idea for the wet bar! Can't wait to see the "after" pics!

  5. Love your choices of different shades of blue. What you did made the whole place bigger and more airy. Of course, I think your choice of bamboo shades are simply divine. They’re great as they give the place so much more texture and personality. Finally, those off white furniture are just the perfect ending to a great room. Good job, Jill! :D

    Taylor Allen @ Sunburst Shutters Arizona