Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Happy Tuesday!!  We had yet another snow day yesterday, so over this winter!!

I watched the Oscars Sunday night and I must admit I was a little underwhelmed with the gowns.  I had a few that I liked....

(and she is not even an actress)
but no one really blew me away.

I saw the Alexander McQueen beauty that Cate Blanchett wore in real life...

and it is an amazing work of art

I was so excited on Saturday to have 4 uninterrupted, all to myself hours with my son.  He is at the age where he is so busy with school, sports and friends that I feel like I never spend quality time with him anymore.  I told him from now on we have a date one Saturday every month. ( yep I am the nagging girlfriend)

I had a huge handful of vodka soaked gummy bears at our party Saturday night
which turned out to be a very bad idea come Sunday morning.

Tonight, for our big Mardi Gras dinner my son asked me to make lasagna.  Hands down, the best recipe comes from this cook book
I know, it is so embarrassing to even have this on my shelf.  The hubs gave this to me before we were even married, its a combo cookbook/retelling of story lines (trust me some were really stupid) but I only look at it for lasagna.

My son's school has "brother schools" all over the world so there are constantly exchange students coming and going throughout the year.  Some boys stay for the entire year and some stay for 2 weeks, anyway at the end of the month we will be hosting a boy from Ireland for 3 weeks.  My son is still in middle school so he cannot study abroad until high school, but I am going to force him to do that when he is old enough.  This will be great for him because he can get idea of what it will be like to live in someone else's home

The only thing that is making this winter bearable

We are one day closer to spring!!


  1. OMG I HAVE THAT COOKBOOK!! It's in my closet with my other 50 cookbooks. I have never made a recipe from it. I will have to try the lasagna!!

    What wait? Gummys soaked with vodka? How do I make that!!?

    Matt is looking so grown up in that picture!!

  2. Oh and I was seriously unimpressed with the dresses too. My favorite was Camilla's (Matthew McConahey's wife). That pink one.

  3. I can't believe all the snow you got this year!! It must have been good to spend that time alone with your son....I often feel mine don't get that much of a look in ,as the girls are so chatty in our house!! Hope the student exchange goes well:)

  4. For now it is pretty easy to take my boys on "dates". All I have to do is promise that they will get tacos and they are in, but they are only 9 and 5. I hope when they are in middle school they will still be seen with me in public!