Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Re entry

We are back from a sun filled week in Florida, I have come to the conclusion that a beach week is good for the soul and can fix just about anything.

But now it is back to reality which is dirty laundry, unread mail, suitcases to put away, groceries to buy, and we need to get ready for our exchange student who comes tomorrow.

The great thing about having our exchange student is that I feel like I am going to all the great places our city has to offer, that I take for granted because I live here.  I want our exchange student to go home and feel like he truly knows St. Louis.

Top of our list..
take him to the top of the arch

Cards game

we have one of the best zoos in the country

Grant's Farm
home of the famous Clydesdales 

The City Museum
one of the best children's museums in the country

A segwey tour of the city

Our exchange student loves blues music and as luck would have it BB King will be here next week so we are taking him his concert

and to a restaurant dedicated to blues where Chuck Barry is a barfly and has been known to give impromptu concerts

and of course some of our locally famous dining establishments

I love that I am rediscovering my city, too bad it took an exchange student form Ireland to motivate me!!


  1. You have the luckiest exchange student on the planet!! I know first hand what an incredible hostess you are. I wish I could be an "exchange" student at your house for a month or two. ;-)

  2. Chuck Barry and BB King! Awesome!!! I'm with Heather, I'm signing up for your exchange student program ASAP!

  3. Welcome back and I hope all goes well with the arrival of the student! I am sure he will have a fab time in St Louis:)