Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas with my Girls

Having a Christmas party with my friends was a great way to end my weekend, although it did make Monday morning a little rough.  In addition to eating and drinking we had a little gift exchange, everyone brought a $40 gift.  We played rob your neighbor with the gifts, but I could have gone home with any one of the them and would have been completely happy.

 2 girls brought the Bobbi Brown holiday lip gloss trio

Amazing Grace trio (I actually brought this, I just LOVE this scent)

Birchbox snow day edition.  I thought this was so clever and fun.  It is sometimes hard to buy a present that everyone will like but this gift took care of that.  It had socks, hot coca, lipstick, scrabble, perfume and a few other surprises inside

The hot gifts for the night were jewelry. 

amazing necklaces!!

Kendra Scott earrings 

J Crew sparkle

I ended up with the perfect gift

gold bangles and a jewelry dish.

ho ho ho


  1. You guys had some good gifts. I almost bought that 2nd necklace this weekend.

  2. Gorgeous gifts...have a great week:)

  3. Love all those gifts. I have some Bobbi Brown lip gloss and it's the best stuff. ;-)

  4. What fun! I like all of those presents!

  5. Oh such lovely gifts one is nicer than the next