Friday, December 13, 2013

Girl Friday

My in laws are spending Christmas in Michigan and we will be in Mexico, so tonight we are having an early Christmas celebration with them
I actually think this works great with kids.  Stagger out the gifts, some years when the kids open all their presents on the same day they are overwhelmed and don't touch half of them.  This year they will have round 1 of gifts tonight and round 2 Christmas morning.

Saturday morning we have our annual breakfast with Santa
this one from 2 years ago always makes me laugh

Saturday afternoon I am going to finish a few things
my shopping.

I have promised to make cookies so my kids can decorate them...
they literally ask everyday.

pack, so I can enjoy Christmas

I will reward myself for all my hard work with dinner and drinks Saturday night with friends

Sunday we have another breakfast with Santa
 at my daughter's school

a Christmas piano recital by my 2 older kids

then I am hosting our annual Christmas with the Girls.  I have 12 friends coming over for dinner and a gift exchange

I swear, girlfriends give the best gifts...
my friends always know exactly what I want!!

Have a beautiful weekend


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend and I'm jealous of your Mexican Christmas!!!

  2. Have fun with your gift exchange and all your festivities. I am sneaking in your suitcase to Mexico so I hope you're taking a huge LV trunk with air holes!