Thursday, February 7, 2013

I left my heart in Paris

Our last day in Paris was bitter sweet.  I was so sad to be leaving, but was also excited for my first visit to Ireland.

Our last day we found ourselves visiting the sights on the northern tip of Paris.  This part of Paris is hilly....

but you have some amazing views at the top...

At the highest point in Paris you will find Sacre Coeur...

and probably what I find to be one of the most charming parts of the city, Montmartre...

Montmartre is also known as "artist square," all the starving artist set up shop in the center square and they will draw your portrait or you can buy some original pieces of art...
In the summer, every inch of the square is full of artists.  

5 years ago I bought 2 ink drawings right here in the square and they are hands down my favorite pieces that hang on my walls (aside from my kids pictures of course)

after we strolled the streets of Montmartre...

it was time to head down, which is always much easier!!

In true Parisian form, we had a late 2 hour lunch at the most fabulous Italian restaurant..

then we headed back to our apartment to pack...
and drink

Our last dinner, my favorite restaurant in the world (that is a big claim to make)

we shut it down...

then onto a bar for our au revoir cocktail..

laissez les bons temps rouler!!


  1. I'm taking notes should we happen to travel to Paris...lovely photos!

  2. I love Montmartre too. It's one of my vivid memories of Paris. Love your plaid top with statement necklace. Love that you shut that restuarant down! :-)

  3. Lovely photos which brought back happy memories of one of my favourite parts of Paris. I still remember my first visit to the square when I was just seven. Your ink drawings are beautiful.

  4. I wish I'd known about Montmartre when I was in Paris! I love artwork that's meaningful. And I too love that statement necklace with the plaid shirt, so chic. Have a great weekend Jill!

  5. I second Montmartre being charming. Spent a fabulous day there and had to go back another night for dinner. I love the drawing you bought -- gorgeous!