Thursday, February 14, 2013


I hope everyone has plans today to spend some time with their sweetheart.  I have a rendez-vous with mine tonight downtown, for a little rooftop dining.  There is nothing I love more than getting all dressed up for a fancy night of dinner and drinks with my hubby.  Life has become so casual so I embrace every opportunity to put on heels and something sparkly!!

It's Valentines Day so go paint the town red!!


  1. Enjoy your Valentines! I love getting dressed up too! Nothing better than putting on a gorgeous dress and heels and enjoying some fine food and wine!!

  2. I adore the skirt it is a most unusual colour.

  3. Is that what you're wearing? I love it! That black jacket is so cool.

    Unfortunately Rich has to work tonight so no fancy dinner for me. But I'm going out next Friday so I guess that counts. :-)

  4. Oh, that skirt is to die for! Have fun tonight!

  5. Happy Heart Day! I love this holiday! Hope you have a fabulous day!