Tuesday, September 25, 2012


A couple Friday nights ago the hubby and I went out for a dinner to reconnect after a few busy weeks, and to plan our next vacation.  The hubs always likes to have a trip down in the books so he has something to look forward to, I think that is just a fine way to go through life!  We had decided that each of us was to plan 1 vacation then we would pick the winner.

The hubs picked here...

The Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay, CA.  Beautiful ocean front property, close to wineries, little coastal towns and the Red Wood Forest.  Always a perfect 65 degrees.

I picked here...

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Hot, sunny, beautiful and since our trip is planned for early January that is their summer.  Lots to do in Rio, go to the famous Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, Christ the Redeemer statue, a friendly bull fight, and eating lots and lots of empadas.

Clearly we were not on the same page.  Dr Beautiful was thinking "a nice and relaxing long weekend" and I was thinking "go big and see the world for 10 days"  The hubs was also not completely sold on Brazil, he was wondering how in the world I came up with this location because in the 17 years he has known me I have never once mentioned anything or anywhere in South America.  Hello one of my favorite kid movies is Rio.

We came up with plan B....

Paris France, my favorite city, but the 8 times we have been to Europe have always been trips to Paris.  2 of the times we did spend a few days in London on our way home but our trips are always focused on Paris.    I tease my hubby say it would break my heart to be in Europe and not be in Paris BUT I also knew it was time to see what lies outside the City of Lights.

The night when we were planning our trip, the hubs alma mater and favorite football team, Notre Dame was playing in Ireland.  I don't know if it was the wine, or the excitement of seeing his beloved team play in Dublin but he threw out the idea of spending 5 days in Paris and 5 days in Ireland...

Brillant!  The best of both worlds, we will spend time in Paris and get an opportunity to see a new part of Europe...

To make our trip even better, I mentioned to my friend our plans and now she and her hubby are going too.   The hubs and I will plan the Paris part of the trip and our friends will plan the Ireland part.      This will be the first time to Paris for our friends so I want everything to be perfect, I have a few ideas of how we are going to spend our days and the list is endless of fabulous restaurants for the nights.  Of course we cannot leave out all the history, art and shopping the city has to offer.

Paris stole my heart when I was 18 and I never got it back!!


  1. Have you ever been to O Chateau during any of your trips to Paris? It has moved since I was there, but it's in the 1st and it is awesome. It is a wine bar that also offers wine tastings and now also serves food.

  2. This is so fun!!! I miss Paris!!! Eventually in Europe buzz over to Prague for a few days! We absolutely loved it this summer!

  3. Sound super nice! I want to wait till P gets older to take her to paris, plus say a ton of money so we can shop!

  4. That is the best of both worlds!! I've been to Paris and Rich has been to Ireland - I want to do the same trip with him someday so we can share our experiences.

    I would LOVE to go to Rio too!!

    Are you taking the kids?

  5. lovely! Paris is always a good choice, no matter how many times one goes.. but then Ireland is beautiful too, breathtaking sceneries.. hopefully not too much rain!

  6. I look forward to hearing what your friends organise for the Dublin part of the trip:) My hubs has just informed me that his work are giving us a four night trip to any European city and my first choice was Paris too!

  7. My son walks around saying "Oh no, you are mistaken, Blue must come to Rio De Janiero" ALL the time, its his favorite movie and hes SO excited the summer Olympics will be there next. My hubby and his BF were in Ireland for the ND game and said it was beyond amazing, have fun!

  8. Would you believe I have never been to Paris?? Your trip sounds perfect. I heard Ireland is beautiful and of course has lots of tasty beers!

  9. That will be wonderful. I would love to go back to both.

  10. Oh Jill I love Paris! Have only been once but planning to spend my 40th birthday there (it's 3 years away, but still;)...you'll have to share with me where to stay, eat, shop, etc)! I know you'll have an amazing time and Ireland sounds dreamy and charming. I haven't been there but visited Scotland years ago and it was one of my favorite places. How fun and fabulous!

  11. So excited for you! Sounds like an absolutely amazing trip. I've only been to Paris right after college when we were backpacking through Europe for 3 weeks. I'd love to go back again with my husband now! Hopefully, one day. You'll have to share with us all of your favorite places in the city.

  12. That is one faaaaaabulous trip!!! I would've had to insist on Brazil, but only because I lived in San Paulo for almost two years (c: You'll definitely have to do that one someday, too! But Paris and Ireland = pretty freakin' amazing! (c: