Monday, September 24, 2012

Emmy Season

The Emmys are never as glamourous as the Oscars, but last night some girls definitely hit home runs.

Cat Deeley...

January Jones...

Morena Baccarin...

Canary yellow seemed to be the color of the night,

Claire Danes...

Julie Bowen...

and Julianne Moore...

but the most feroish of all....

Portia De Rossi

She took a risk with her pant suit and I think she looks amazing!!

Mental note to self, go buy a pant suit today!!


  1. I loved all the yellow dresses!! I also thought Sophis Verga looked pretty hot too and the actress from Girls in the Green Dress, loved it as well!

  2. You missed my favorite Sophia!! I agree with Natalie!

  3. I think Cat Deeley looks amazing:)

  4. I think Portia rocked the pantsuit! I love the nude color, I think it's perfect. Loved Morena Baccarin, she's gorgeous!