Thursday, February 9, 2012

Well Read

I love a bookshelf that not only has interesting placed books, but also has beautiful accessories to adorn the shelves. We have quite a few bookshelves in our house and I have quickly learned the art of placement is much much easier said then done...
A small touch, like a cocktail set added to a bookshelf is a nice surprise...
I love how some books are upright and some are stacked, and the little mirror is just a bonus...
well placed vases and bowls instead of just rows and rows of books...
I have always wanted built-ins to completely surround a door frame, it is just so Parisian...

Nothing makes a room feel homey like a well styled bookshelf.


  1. I used to rent a place by the beach and when you walked in you looked straight at a cherry wood fireplace with built-ins half way up on both sides(and wood paneling above).

    I miss that fireplace and the view.

    Thank you for the reminder.

    Enjoy your day, Jill!

  2. My grandfather had built the most beautiful floor to ceiling book case in their "library". When they sold the house they left it there. To this day I wish I had it!!

    As for potty training... With Keira as hard as I tried she just wasn't ready. Candy, stickers, nothing worked. Then last week she started asking to "go potty" and it's just snow balled. I can't believe you're asking me this!! :-) You potty trained 2 already. lol

  3. Sigh, I wish we had built in bookcases! Love the look and I also love rainbow styling books!

  4. I'm promising myself that my next home will have built-in bookcases. I love book cases!

  5. gorgeous! I want a full library like that. I did the rainbow styling but it didn't look as good as the pics I see :/