Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Slippery Slope

I have mentioned in the past that it is time to move my youngest out of her crib and into a big girl bed. I have been dragging my feet because I just wasn't sure what I wanted to do. Over the weekend I promised my crib to someone that is expecting her second child in April, that was just the kick start I needed to make up my mind. My 2 girls share a room, one is in a twin bed and one is in the crib. I went into this project thinking "replace the crib with a bed." Top of my list was the day bed with a trundle. I just love this look....and they can pull out the trundle when they have sleepovers...
of course this picture of 2 beautifully appointed twin beds caught my eye. I love how they are perfectly balanced in the room. I started thinking, would my girls room look off kilter with a day bed and a twin bed?...
throughout this process my older daughter was pestering me about getting a bigger bed with a canopy...
I had one of these growing up and I just loved it!!
So now I have a full size canopy bed being delivered for my older daughter and still a crib for the younger one. Isn't it funny how decorating your house can do that. You start a project that snowballs into a thousand other things you want to change.

Oh and I am still on the hunt for a daybed


  1. Ha! That's hilarious! I do love a daybed...I had one growing up. Only it was a pain in the neck to change the sheets. But they are so versatile. I want to do one in our playroom for lounging/sleeping. Have a great day!

  2. Haha that's hilarious! I had a trundle bed when I was younger, and I loved it, since I could have tons of sleepovers! I've always wanted a canopy bed, though! I think they're gorgeous!

  3. I am always getting side tracked as well, when I start a project! A canopy bed sounds fab!

  4. I was thinking of taking Peyton's bed to a straight up full size. Love the day beds, but you can't go wrong with two twins!

  5. Libby is going to LOVE that kind of bed. They are so pretty and princess-like!

  6. I still have my four poster bed I grew up with and love! I am dragging my feet about moving Sterling to a big boy bed too. I think I am keeping him in the crib til he turns 3. Debtaing between a queen bed and two twins for him as well!

  7. I had a canopy growing up. Honestly, it was never really used.

    We were thinking of getting the trundle. Last week after going to about eight stores we purchased the mattress and box spring. We're picking it up this week.

    They grow up so fast.

    Is it difficult to giveaway your crib?

    Enjoy your day!

  8. I love canopy beds but day beds are so wonderful for napping!

  9. I desperately wanted a canopy bed when I was little! Your daughter is so lucky, I'm sure she's going to feel like a princess! :)