Monday, February 13, 2012


My favorite part of NYFW is not seeing the models and the runway shows, I know they will look stunning, but I love the street shots of stylish people in NYC. These women are my inspiration for putting together a fabulous outfit. For these women, the sidewalk is their catwalk.

White, not just for summer...

I am seeing the cat glasses trend everywhere..I am obsessed with this jacket...
and the neon pops of color...

and since we are talking fashion, I just had to share my picks from the Grammys last night..

and on another note, I just couldn't ignore what a sad and tragic end this was...

so sad!


  1. Love all the street fashion! New Yorkers are so much more adventurous with style than me. How amaze did Rihanna look? and so sad about Whitney:(

  2. Jill, I love white. Very sad about Whitney. (:
    Enjoy your day.

  3. Love the pop of neon with the black leather! Was sad to hear about Whitney!

  4. I love NYC street fashion but when I lived there I was not impressed. Everyone dressed in black! Maybe it was just the year I lived there and black was the "in" color? Isn't it always? :-) Oh and aren't those women cold in sandals? It's COLD in NYC!

    Yes - so so sad about Whitney. I was just watching everyone slam her on the Fashion Police and then an hour later she was dead. I hope they feel bad now.

    I was dying over Taylor's dress too. Rihanna is SO Sexxy!

  5. I know...I still can't get over that Whitney died.

  6. I agree, Jill. Her death was tragic. It's sad to see such a talent with such a troubled soul.

    And yes- love seeing all the people who attended NYFW as well! So many gorgeous outfits, shoes, bags, and accessories!

    Hope your week is off to a good start :) xo

  7. I love the street fashion for NYFW as well! Those folks know how to dress! RIP Whitney!

  8. I love the fashion pictures! Happy V Day to you!

  9. I am obsessed with The Sartorialist...check out his blog if you haven't already. He shows the best street fashion from all over the world - LOVE!