Friday, February 24, 2012

Girl Friday

I love a fun filled weekend and that is what we have. Tonight, I am my friend's date at an auction, and I just love auctions...I keep teasing Dr. Beautiful saying I am coming home with one of these...

Saturday night we have some friends that own a duck club an hour outside of the city. We are taking a bus, along with 19 other couples, out West...where our gracious hosts have a 7 course dinner planned for us in the clubhouse...
the attire for the night is "camo chic" so I think this is what I am wearing, my JCrew camo pants, a sparkly Joie top and sparkly Kate Spade heels...

Sunday we have the whole day free so we are taking the kids about an hour North to the little town of Alton, Illinois...
this time of year people from all over come to the great river road to see the bald eagles. Alton boasts the highest population of eagles in the country. The birds arrive in December and stay until March, it truly is a beautiful sight...
after all our hiking and bird watching I know we will be hungry so we will grab some barbecue before we head back into town...
Have a beautiful weekend!!


  1. Another perfect weekend! Can't wait to hear about the 7 course dinner and heres to hoping to win something great at the auction!

  2. Love your outfit choice! Have a fantastic weekend:)

  3. Hello Jill,

    How exciting.

    Have a blast!

  4. What a fun weekend! I love those Kate Spade heels! I'm sure that 7 course dinner will be amazing! Have a wonderful time!

  5. What a fun-filled weekend, indeed! Love the outfit! I just returned from a little shopping trip at one of my favorite stores in Mpls called "Melly." I bought the most adorable black wrap KS dress (sleeveless, ruffly - called "Aubrey"). It looks fab with the sparkly "Charm" shoes (pictured above) in platinum. Come to think of it, what doesn't look good with those shoes???

    I hope you have a great time. BBQ sounds so yummy!

    Can't wait for a recap!

  6. Have so much fun at the duck club. Love your outfit

  7. Love your camo chic outfit! so cute! And I would love to see a bald eagle- that is so cool!

  8. Great outfit and looked like a wonderful dinner - love the china!