Friday, January 20, 2012

Girl Friday

Before I start, a big hug and kiss to my girl Heather for my new header!!

Happy Friday, I had some computer glitches this week that I hope I have worked out, thanks to all my blogger friends for the help!!

Tonight we are off to a fund raiser for a friend of mine with breast cancer. Breast cancer is a horrible yet highly treatable cancer if caught early. Early detection means early cure, please please please get a mammogram!!... Saturday is the big birthday luncheon for my mom!! My family is coming in town for the surprise and my flowers are ready...
Saturday night, big pizza family party at our favorite pizzeria...
Sunday, a little time for myself...
Have a beautiful weekend!!


  1. Love your new look! Enjoy the weekend:)

  2. Sounds so fun! Have a wonderful weekend, and take pictures at your mom's luncheon--I want to see your flower arrangements!

  3. Love the look! Happy Birthday to your mom! Glad your site is working!

  4. Love the new header! I think we all know someone whose life has been touched by breast cancer. Thanks for bringing awareness to the importance of regular mammograms. Enjoy your weekend! xo

  5. hey ,jill! nice new design! love it.... it looks so professional. :)

    hope the birthday party went well... and hope the pizza was yummy!

  6. love love love the new header!!! Looks fabulous! All our best to your friend- sending prayers! And hope your mom loved her party! xo