Friday, January 13, 2012

Girl Friday

Tonight we are off to watch our 9 year old play in a basketball tournament....then celebrating, hopefully a win, over pizza...
Saturday, hopefully my closet will look something like this when I am finished organizing...
Saturday night, dinner date with some friends....
Sunday I want to take my kids to see this...
I heard this was so good and so sad!!

Happy beautiful, and long, weekend!!


  1. You always have fun weekends planned! I need to organize my closet bad. It is a mess! I just don't have hours to spare to devote to it! We have date night tonight, so excited! And friends from out of town are coming to visit us on Sunday!! Have a fab weekend Jill!

  2. How sweet! I hope your weekend is wonderful!

  3. I tried organizing this weekend too! I washed all of my makeup brushes which was a start :) Anxious to hear how the zoo movie was... I want to see it!