Monday, January 23, 2012

Cooking Lunch

I love waking up on a Monday when I know I have fun activities planned for the week! Today I am going to a "cooking lunch." Back in November at our school's auction I signed up for the cooking lunch party. A mom at the school is a chef and works at a cooking school in STL and she donated this fun event today. This party was open to 25 girls and was $40/person, a great way to raise money for our school. We will be preparing a gourmet lunch....
some sweet treats....

then we will enjoy our food, with a little champagne.

Hope your Monday is champagne filled too!


  1. Its only 9am but now you have me wanting some bubbly. A cooking lunch sounds so fun! Enjoy!

  2. Enjoy the cooking lunch!

  3. YUM how fun! This is making me so hungry- & wanting champagne hahha :) lisa