Thursday, January 19, 2012

Birthday Flowers

My sister and I are throwing a surprise birthday luncheon for my mom on Saturday and I am in charge of the table decorations. In addition to a big floral center piece, I also want to put small bud vases at everyones place setting as a gift to take home. Over the weekend I got the vases and all the supplies, now I just need to figure out what I am going to do.

I could do a variety of flowers in different colors...
or I could do the same flower in a bright color...
My other options is just to do something simple and all white...

Too bad my mom's birthday is not in the summer. I always have an abundance of hydrangeas growing in my yard, I could just step outside and clip away. I think these make beautiful centerpieces... I am off to Floral Row today, hopefully I will get inspired!!


  1. I love a vase full of hydrangeas, too. They're so simple, but gorgeous! Good luck with your centerpieces, I know they'll be beautiful!

  2. Definitely the hydrangeas. Also -- Love the Auld Lang Syne track on your blog! We just did a post on New Years Resolutions - and I wish we would have included this youtube clip! Love your blog.

    Erin Dodson