Thursday, May 12, 2011

local love

I am all about supporting local businesses. With our economy being what it is, many small boutiques just cannot survive. To me there is nothing sadder than seeing another local boutique close their doors. Lucky for me, one of my favorites is going strong!!
And lucky for me I am going to a private party tonight at this boutique.
If I have enough wine I might just break down tonight and buy this chan luu number I've had my eye on


  1. This shop looks great- I love a good boutique

  2. OMG...I want that dress, too! Do they ship???

    Or, perhaps, I should head on over to the Delta site and purchase a ticket to St. Louis.

    Can I be your guest???

    Please, let us know what you buy.

    I LOVE boutiques and do a lot of my own shopping at our local one. So cute!

  3. Love that dress!!!! You must get it!!!! Let us know if you do!!! It is amazing!

  4. That dress is really pretty! You should get it! :-)

    I love my local boutiques too. That store Akira is walking distance and a couple others. Support local businesses!

    I'm so jealous you are walking distance from Nordstrom Rack!

  5. SO FUN!!! I have not heard of this shop but then again I go to the same 4 shops in stl!! Have fun tonight!!!

  6. Ah! I love it. Buy it. :) (I have come through your blog through New Mom in the City). :)

  7. I love supporting local shops- it is a great excuse to shop and feel good about it!! You must buy that gorgeous top!