Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Belt Bag

The fanny pack is back, but with an updated look and a new name, "the belt bag." I am actually digging the belt bag. Next week I am taking my kids to 6 Flags, with all the roller coasters and fast rides I cannot be lugging around my typical extra large bag, I think a belt bag would be perfect. I can carry money, cell phone and lipstick, that's really all a girl needs!! Here are some of my favorites.....


Louis Vuitton...

A more fiscally responsible belt bag would be this one from lululemon...
or my personal favorite... the Urban Outfitters Tassel Belt Bag

Rih Rih rocken the belt bag! Love it!!


  1. Of course my favorite is the Hermes!! But I also like the tassel one from UO. CUTE.

    My dream belt is the double H Hermes belt b/c my initials are HH. Don't you think I need one? haha. I need to look on Ebay.

    BTW thanks for that dream interpretation. I need to get that book!

  2. I have wanted the Gucci one since SJP wore it on Sex and the City! I have a LV one, I used it when I did styling work. Problaby wont go around me now : (

  3. I love the Urban Outfitters one, too. The Hermes is awesome as well! BUT, I'd probably go for the lululemon one myself. Great idea! :)

  4. I gotta say, I love the tassle bag from UO! So cute! And this would be so great bike riding too- my hubby and I always ride by the beach on vaca so I might need to invest in one too! Have fun at 6 flags :)