Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Maui Bliss

I am still on a vacation high, nothing like a week away with no kids, no schedules, no one to answer to, no errands to run, no cooking, cleaning or laundry. The only thing on my schedule was to relax, have fun, and get a little sun!!

We arrived at the airport last Sunday morning when Dan finally told me where we were going, Maui!!

we arrived...

we had our first drink on the island...
we staked out our spot at the pool...
we clocked some time here....
we snorkeled Kapalua Bay

we swam with the turtles..
we took a sunset sail...

we drank...we ate...

we had the time of our lives!!


  1. Looks and sounds absolutely wonderful!!

    What a nice vacation for you 2 lovebirds. :-)

    p.s. way to rock a bikini...!

  2. I looks like you had the best time. Your resort is stunning. :)

    Everyone needs a break from "life" once in a while - recharges the battery and makes you appreciate everything all that much more.

    Cute photos...you look great in your bikini!! One hot mama!!

    Welcome home!

  3. Oh my gosh!~~That looks AMAZING!!! So glad you had a great time. I would say your hubby did VERY good!

  4. what a great vacation. I love Maui - got married there at the Kea Lani (which is now the Fairmont in Wailea) and had the best 2 week honeymoon ever!

    It looks like the perfect way to recharge your batteries. And I am impressed with the bikini shot! You look fantastic!

  5. This is so awesome! Like a 2nd honeymoon!

  6. What a wonderful time! It looks amazing! Dan did such a wonderful job!

  7. Ohhh your hubby did a great job!!! Your vacay looks amazing!!!! I am so in need of a vacation right now!!! So glad you had fun!!!!

  8. Glad to hear someone went on a warm and wondeful vacation!

    I'm a new friend / follower!

  9. Been dying to hear about your trip! Looks like a fabulous vacay! I would love to go to Maui one day!

  10. Oh, a dream!! So glad you had a wonderful time... looks beautiful. xo

  11. Thanks for commenting on my blog. It's nice to hear positive "3 children" comments for once. ;)

    What a dream vacation.