Thursday, April 7, 2011

Italian Honeymoon

One of my oldest and dearest friends, younger brother, is getting married in June. Seeing that I introduced the bride and groom to each other (my one and only successful set up) I thought it would only be fitting if I threw a couples shower for them.

Nick and Molly are going to Italy for their honeymoon, so the theme of the night is "Italian Honeymoon" My sisters are helping with the shower, so we divvied up the responsibilities. I am hosting at my house, and I will be in charge of food. We will be serving heavy appetizers all with an Italian feel.

Italian Meatballs
Toasted Ravioli (which I just learned is a STL thing)
Italian Wedding Soup (Dan thinks this is a bad idea for a cocktail party, but I just love the play on words)
Mini Pizzas
Caprese Salad Skewers
and last but not least, Gelato.
I still have over a week to tweak the menu, I am open to any ideas or suggestions!

Grazie Mille!


  1. Lots of vino! Hehehe....

    Hey, I tried the tea with the shot of lemonade yesterday! newest favorite drink. So delicious. In fact, I plan on getting another today (2 Starbucks close to my house. Yay!). Thanks for sharing. I had NO idea!

    Happy Thursday!

  2. Toated ravioli... yum! Any chance you'd post the recipe? :-)

  3. All those look so delicious and amazing. What time should I be there? hee

    Yes please post the recipe for the toasted ravioli! Unless you are getting it catered? I would. That's a lot of food to make!

  4. wow-- just so you know, i've invited myself to this shower and plan to devour ALL the food, hehe! good luck!

  5. What time should I be there? I love all the food ideas. I think soup at a party is so cute in little tiny individual mugs. I think your menu sounds perfect. Now I am hungry, off to dream about meatballs and pizza.

  6. This food looks delicious!!
    Adorable blog you have here!!
    Happy Day! =)

  7. The food looks so good!!! Can I come? :) I think your menu sounds amazing! I love everything you have on it! Now I am hungry. Again. :)

  8. Looking at all of this yummy food is making me so hungry! You have to serve Italian Wedding Soup, just for the name! Hope you have a wonderful week!

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