Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good Golly Miss Moly

My original girl crush is the beautiful Molly Sims.I don't know if it is her absolutely flawless face
or her hair.
but either way, every time I go in for a haircut, I have a photo of Molly just hoping to come out looking somewhat like her.
She has gone from supermodel, to actress, to jewelry designer. Molly has a pop up shop in Henri Bendels in NYC. If you are lucky to live near by, you can find...

cocktail rings
and bracelets.
and if you don't live in NYC, you can order her jewels on line. Her jewelry line is called "Grayce" which I think is so fitting, Molly just exudes grace.
I just had to support my girl, I might have ordered a few baubles for my Easter basket. I can't wait for my jewels to arrive. Get your beauties here!


  1. She is so gorgeous! I love her jewels too- so classic with a twist. Love her!

  2. I've always thought she was so beautiful, too.

    I'll check out her jewels.

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    Thanks girlfriend!

  3. Link - your blog address.

    Where it asks for the title - just put your name.

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  4. did it.

    Will you email me at I'd love to have your email address so we can communicate (I promise I won't give it out!).


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  5. She is beautiful!! Stunning! I love that cocktail ring! Maybe the Easter bunny will bring it to me!!!

  6. I love her too :) she is too gorgeous!


  7. I love Molly too! She is gorgeous and that hair is to die for! I saw a feature with her jewlery in a magazine and loved it! Please show us what you bought! Too funny I ordered a Tibi top and jeans for Mammas's Easter Basket!

  8. I'm not just saying this to flatter you, but you do look like her. You have similiar fine facial features and bone structure!

  9. She is so gorgeous! I love those earrings, too--so pretty! And I agree with Heather, you do look like Molly! Y'all have very similar facial features!

  10. Molly Sims is a goddess. I am Loving that last necklace! I am on her site right now. Hope she has it, because it is such a stunning statement piece.

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Love!

    That Girl in Pearls

  11. Love Miss Molly Sims! So gorgeous!