Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I need an assistant!

In addition to packing for my trip, and getting my house and kids ready for a stay with grandma, I have one more big event this weekend....

My daughters First Communion. The dress is bought, the rosary has been made, our family banner is complete, invitations for the party afterwards have been sent, and we have hair appointments Saturday morning.
Of course I still have a lot that needs to be done!

Clean up my yard and plant some flowers..
make a beautiful floral centerpiece...
and make my house girly and pretty....
I need to assemble the goody bags...
make a signature cocktail...
pick up a honey baked ham....make tea sandwiches and other appetizers (still deciding!) ....

and for dessert, run to the bakery to pick up cupcakes...
and French macaroons. I am really going to be ready for a vacation come Sunday morning!!


  1. That will be such a pretty party for Libby! You must be so excited for your trip!

  2. It will be a wonderful and beautiful day.

    I am dying to know where you are going. Is there anyway you can post via your phone from the airport?

    I told my mister all about your fantastic surprise. You see, my mister has never surprised me with anything that fantastic. Well, I guess he did walk through the door with a vacuum one time. Does that count (In his defense, I like to vacuum. Now we have central vac.). LOL...

    Oh, how I'd love to have a surprise as wonderful as this someday.

    I so excited and happy for you. You deserve it, my friend!

  3. Her first communion dress is adorable. My Mom still has mine : )

    We're having a denim giveaway today- enter for your chance to win!

  4. Her dress is beautiful and the party plans look amazing... and yes, you do need an assistant!

  5. It is going to be a wonderful day!! Your vacation waiting at the end is like icing on the cake!!

  6. Thats a lot of work! You need an assistant!!!

  7. The party looks like it will be something your daughter will always remember. French macarons are my favorite. Spell checker doesn't recognize the french spelling I guess.

  8. i so need to find a signature cocktail!

  9. the party looks wonderful!! post pictures!

  10. Please post your menu for the party after you have it all figured out! I am planning a confirmation party for the end of May for daughter and I'm looking for ideas! Sounds great so far!

  11. It will kind of be like taking a honeymoon. You will be so tired from the party planning you will enjoy the vacay even more. I am sure it will be a perfect day!

  12. That all sounds fun - exhausting, but fun!

  13. Love the post and Thanks for the Easter greetings too! Good luck with the first communion it a lot of work and I am right behind you the next weekend. We are having a Mexican Fiesta since it will be Seis de Mayo... Take lots of pictures. Im dying to see!!!

  14. I still remember my First Holy Communion and party, 14 years ago. Your plans are great and it will surely be a successful day!

  15. Good luck with everything--I'm sure it will be beautiful! I can't wait to see pictures!

    P.S. I'm dying to find out the destination of your trip!

  16. Sounds like a busy but beautiful week, Jill! Her dress is gorgeous- she will feel like a princess! I still have my first communion and confirmation dresses. They are both so special!

  17. I love First Communions! Its just such a special day!! I still remember mine and I loved my dress! It came from Nonna's on Clayton Road that closed now its the new paint store and before that sassy pants. Also, my mom snuck into school while we were all waiting and snapped tons of pictures with my friends. Those are some of our absolute favorite pictures!! If you can do that you should!! The party sounds like so much fun!!! I love the idea of a signature cocktail!! Hope its an amzing, holy day for everyone!!! Love Libby's dress!!! She'll look adorable!!

  18. Girl, you ARE busy!!! Your daughters dress for her first communion is gorgeous!! You are going all out for her special day!! It sounds like it will be amazing!! You HAVE to post details on what the big day was like!
    PS-THANK you for your prayers for my sister. She is ok! You are so sweet!
    Also, the Royal wedding coverage will begin at 3:30am on TLC. Almost every major network is covering it, but TLC has been running specials all week long and I am sure their coverage of the big even will be fantastic! I cant wait!

  19. Dear Jill,

    I'm a new follower.

    Your selections are amazing. The outfit that you selected is beautiful.

    Where did you get the lovely rosary for your daughter?

    Peonies are one of my favorite flowers.