Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vacation I want it

The beautiful beaches of Maui
African safari

I am always telling my husband one of the secrets to a happy life is to always have your next vacation planned. We took our kids to The Cayman Islands this past March so it is time to get our next trip planned. We normally don't go on vacations during the summer. I usually spend most of the month of July in Michigan with my in-laws, so this brings us to the Fall. The obvious questions are... where do we go, and do we go with or without kids? We always take our kids on spring break so sometimes it is nice for just me and hubs to get away. I studied in Paris while in college, then taught French for 6 years so Paris is always the obvious first answer for me. We have been going to Paris every other year for the past 10 years. We were over there last in August 2009. Of course a very different vacation would be to lay on the beaches of Maui. I love Hawaii, I personally think the best time to go is in February. In February all the humpback whales migrate south from Alaska, it is truly an amazing sight to see these creatures. I will definitely take my kids some day but they have to be old enough to handle the 11 hour flight. My dream vacation is to take an African Safari. I have done the research and there are some amazing safaris you can take from South Africa. You stay in your own hut and each hut has a plunge pool. Each day you decide if you want to do the day or night safari. The day safari you go out at 3 am and return by 10am. The night safari you go out at 10pm and return by 3am. Well a girl can dream. What's your dream vacation?

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