Friday, October 17, 2014

Great Week to be Here

All in all the past week has been a great one to be in St. Louis.

We have had some beautiful days, so we took advantage and went soaring

then my oldest son had his very first homecoming
we hosted the pre dance dinner and it was so fun for the boys and their dates.

Monday night the Rams had Monday Night Football in town.  I am not a football fan but it was fun to be at the stadium and according to my husband MNF is a big deal!!

The cards are now officially out, but I love being in STL when the cards are in the playoffs

Wednesday my friend and I went to a runway show for St. Louis Fashion Week and I was blown away.  I went 2 years ago and it was OK, the event needed a little polishing, but this time I was completely impressed.  The overall night seemed so well put together, the space was amazing, and the 
clothes were spectacular.

Tonight the hubs and I are playing in a tennis tournament

and then on Sunday the hubs and I are off for a week
and this is where you can find me!!


  1. Girl - you have one amazing beautiful life! Enjoy your trip to CR!!!! I can't wait to see pictures. :-)

  2. Your son is growing up so fast!! Have a brilliant holiday:)