Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Life Lately

Does anyone else feel that September-December is just non stop busy?  I have barely had time to regroup since getting back from Costa Rica.  As soon as we got home we had my son's birthday..

a little Halloween cookie decorating at Williams Sonoma

and then your basic case of "reentry is rough"

But now I finally feel settled!

All I can say about Costa Rica is that it is an amazingly beautiful country.  It was never on my radar until the hubs brought it up as a possible vacation destination.  My initial reaction was , umm no!!  but I am so glad the hubs persuaded me, now I really want to take my kids next time.

our beach was amazing

The activities were endless
a little golf

as long as you can keep the monkeys off the course


tennis on grass

which is extremely difficult

catch of the day.
Meet the resort fish monger and pick your dinner for that night, the red snapper is delish

rock climbing

zip lining

swimming in the hot springs then taking a volcanic mud bath
I know it sounds/looks gross but trust me your skin will feel absolutely amazing after this.

and a little paddle boarding

 At night you can release a wish lantern

and of course the animals were everywhere
 monkeys are like squirrels in CR, they are everywhere.

and extremely large iguanas.

It was such a great trip, I would recommend it to anyone, and to top it off, when we were checking out the concierge gave us a voucher for 3 free nights because they feel we did not experience the resort to the fullest since it was under renovations.

wow those wish lanterns really do work!!

Now I am off again today with my girls and my mom for our annual trip to Silver Dollar City

hee haw


  1. Your trip looks amazing and I agree, September - December is ridiculously busy and gone in a second.

  2. Your trip looks amazing! Thank you for sharing pictures. Yes - these months are bananas!

  3. Your holiday looks amazing Jill....what a fab place to visit! I am finding this time really busy also,blogging gets pushed further down the list every day!

  4. What an amazing trip!!! We visited Costa Rica a couple years back and loved it. One of our favorite places we've visited. Your pics look awesome! We were on the coast the whole time enjoying the beaches, white water rafting, hiking, and the animals. Our zip lining got cancelled due to a bad storm the night before that caused some trees to fall down blocking the road to get there. I would love to go back to do some zip lining and also the hot springs/mud baths around the volcano like you suggested. I'd like to see that area!!