Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Up North

I am back up north with my sister enjoying our quickly ending summer...

we plan on spending our days on the beaches of Lake Michigan...

Going into town for some shopping...

a little biking throughout the town...

and for our nights, sipping wine and indulging in some good food right on the pier...


  1. Ah how I love Lake Michigan!! I have been living right near the coast for the last two years. We are moving this month and man am I going to miss it! Hope you have a great trip!! xo

  2. You're only a couple hours from me. :-) I'd like to be where you are right now...looks so fun! Hope you have a great time!

  3. Now this is what summer is about.. I keep thinking I'm ready for fall but this reminds me to stop wishing summer away. Have a great time:)

  4. So fun!! I got invited to New Buffalo this weekend by my friend Josee. I'm bringing Keira. Can't wait! Take lots of pictures and post them!

  5. I would love a vacation right now. The closest I'm getting to a small break (for only a few hours mind you) is when my oldest goes back to school in a few weeks..of course I'll still have the baby at home. At this point I'll take any little bit off my plate I can take lol.

  6. Every single one of those pics and activities seems absolutely perfect. I'll go ahead and pack my bag to come join you!! ;)