Monday, August 20, 2012

Nighty Night, Sleep Tight

With all the traveling I have done the past few weeks, I have spent many nights in guest bedrooms at my in-laws, my sister's and my friend's; this has inspired me to redo our guest bedroom.  When we moved into our house 2 years ago the guest bedroom became the catch all room for furniture/accessories that didn't really fit anywhere else.  I am officially sick of looking at the room so let the decorating begin...

First up I want to paint the yellow walls a pale shade of gray...

I found this Kate Spade bedding that I think would look great with the gray walls...

some cute pillows for the bed...

I could not find a shower curtain that matched the bedding, but this one came pretty close...

If I toss a pink pillow on the bed as well, I think it will tie the bedding and the shower curtain together...

Nighty night!!


  1. Love that bedding and the pale gray wall color--what a pretty combination that will make. I'm wanting to spruce up our guest room too. Good inspiration:)

  2. I have so much to do I don't know where to begin! great inspiration:)

  3. Gray walls are my fave. I hope you share pictures! Just found your blog and am a new follower:)
    xo, Chelsea

  4. Def show us the progress! Can't wait to see what you do! I know it will look fabulous!

  5. Hey Jill, Shoot me an email, The girl who did my blog put the "P" button on there but I think there are other ways to do it.

  6. my guestroom is a catch-all for all things rando too! Love the grey and the KS bedding! Adorable.