Friday, July 13, 2012

A Wedding Story

I love a good wedding story and last weekend's wedding definitely was a story in the making.  Saturday started off as a beautiful day.  I took Libby into town to get her hair done and as we were walking back to our resort to get dressed, we ran into the groom and his guys.  They were headed towards the gondola for some mountain top photos and they all looked dapper!

Since they wedding was on a ranch at the top of a mountain, the bride and groom had arranged for shuttles to escort the guests to and from the ranch.  I got on the first shuttle with my sister in law and her family, my 2 kids, the other flower girl and the ring bearer.  It was a 30 minute ride from the resort to the ranch and we were expecting no problems.  About 10 minutes into our ride a torrential rainstorm started and it only got worse.  About 1/2 mile from the wedding site, the road had washed away and our shuttle slid off the road.  We were forced to all climb out the drivers door (the only way out) and walk to last 1/2 mile in the rain.

even the bride and groom had to walk in the rain.

despite the rain, the tent was absolutely beautiful.

My soon to be sister in law had her heart set on getting married outside, so they opened the bar...

passed out flip flops for all the guests, and waited

3 hours later, it looked like the rain was not going to stop so it was time to get married.

the bride got her wish and she was married outside!!

then it was time for the eating and dancing to begin...

Eventually the rain stopped and we got 1 family photo outside...

and the most beautiful backdrop

I just love weddings and this one goes down in the books!


  1. Sometimes those unexpected happenings make for the best memories. Love all those details, every last one. Gorgeous everything, people, details, backdrop! That picture of you and your husband is a framer, love your pink and yellow--have a great weekend:)

  2. What an eventful time you had! The photos are fabulous! Love your dress and wrap and Libby looks gorgeous! A wedding that will be remembered for a long time I think:) Have a great weekend:)

  3. First of all I'm so glad you all are OK. That shuttle incident sounds a little scary!! I don't blame Matthew for his reaction later...

    I think this wedding is even more spectacular and beautiful because of the rain!! That view is stunning. I love love love mountains. Why do I live in Chicago?

    Thank you for sharing your comment on my post. You are a wise young woman. :-) Libby and Keira are very similar from the few times I met Libby! I love Libby's personality and can't wait to meet Matthew too.

  4. I love that she got married on the rain always. My hair would have been an Afro at that point. Everything looked beautiful! That shuttle incident scares me!

  5. What a dramatic wedding but despite the weather it looks like you had a great time. I love your outfit.

  6. That's too bad about the rain. Where was this? I may have missed it in a previous post.

  7. Wow, beautiful! That backdrop is stunning and I just love the pictures with all the umbrellas. :) Congrats to them!