Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Days Before the Big Day

I just got back from spending 6 days in Vail, Colorado for the wedding of my brother in law.  To say that these past few days have been nothing but love filled and fun filled would be an understatement.  

The celebrations began at 5 pm last Thursday on the pool deck at our hotel, the Vail Cascade Resort.  This was a great way for everyone to meet and mingle, I finally got the chance to meet my soon to be sister in law's parents.  A wedding is one of the few events in our life where we have all our friends and family together celebrating, so make it big!

Friday morning, while the boys were off golfing the girls were at a luncheon honoring the bride.

our beautifully set table at Larkspur...

and a close up of how my goody bags turned out.  They were a big hit...

Friday evening, a rehearsal dinner at Sonnenalp...

me with my family celebrating (minus Scarlett who stayed home with grandma)

and the happy groom.  I hold Jerry near and dear to my heart.  I have always bonded with him and we can talk about everything.  

and here is my cute father in law toasting the bride and groom.  I want to leave you with the words he said Friday night that brought tears to my eyes

To quote Dionne Warwick,  "without your love, I have nothing at all"...


  1. Oh -sigh-, it looks like you all had an amazing time! I love your dress, the goody bags look perfect, and all those fabulous dinners with loved ones must have made some great memories. Your family is gorgeous! Glad you're back:)

  2. What a fun and memorable trip. Your goody bags are great, what a lovely idea! You have a gorgeous family. Just love the quote for Father in Law gave!

  3. That looks like a fun time! Your goody bags look super cute! Feels like we haven't had a wedding in our family in forever. Wish someone would hurry up and get hitched so we could par-tay! Haha! :-)

  4. It all looks amazing Jill! Love your goody bags too...they were such a fantastic idea:)

  5. Vail looks so gorgeous. I really do need to go visit my brother sometime! I love all the places you went to. I'll have to remember them if I ever get there. :-)

    Great family photo!

    OK that quote brought tears to my eyes too.

  6. Awww Everything looks beautiful! Love your goodie bags! Consider it copied!