Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Somehow, last week, Heather and I were discussing this shampoo. This sparked my trip down memory lane and all my favorite products from way back when....My very first deodorant was Tickle. Pink and roll on...

After a shower, everyone would put on a little Jean Nate after bath splash...
My very first bottle of perfume was Loves Baby Soft...
then I moved on to Charlie...My snack of choice was always Idaho Potato Sticks....
that I would wash down with Tab..
I know someone out there remembers all this goodness too!!


  1. I love this post (I may do my own version!)! I don't recognize the Idaho Potato Sticks or the Tickle but have fond memories of Charlie (because it's what my mom wore). I wish I had saved my old magazines because the ads alone would be priceless!

  2. Great post! I can still smell that Charlie perfume!!

  3. I can remember using Tickle, had totally forgotten about it!
    I had a favorite "aunt" that used Charlie and I used to think she smelled so good!

  4. You took it way back! I started drinking Tab again when they came out with energy drinks! love them!

  5. Oh girl. I remember all those things. I wish they still made Tickle. What a cute idea!! :-) And I almost named Keira Charlie. I love that for a girl name!

  6. STOP IT...OMG...I had all these products!

    My first deodorant was Tickle pink, too! Loves Baby Soft...don't even get me started. LOVED IT! I can still see it sitting on my vanity with my Tickle. Oh, and you know what - my hair did smell terrific! LOL...

    Hey, do you remember the Bonnie Bell lip smackers that hung from a rope (so fashionable hanging around our necks)? We collected all the flavors. I loved 7-Up and Orange Crush!

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! What an awesome post! I mean...What a RAD post! I miss the good ol days!

  8. hahahah I rememer love's baby soft- too funy! great post! xo Lisa