Friday, October 28, 2011

Girl Friday

Tonight we have an Octoberfest party at our next door neighbors; beer, brats, and a very quick walk home at the end of the night...
of course after last night, it is now a world series party, GO CARDS!!!

Saturday, time to carve the pumpkin....
watch our favorite Halloween movie with the kids...
and open some of this...
Sunday, hubby is taking Matthew, plus 10 boys to paintball as a birthday treat....
Sunday night I am having a wrapping party for our auction (don't worry you will hear all about this soon)
I will be having more of this...
and I am serving a new appetizer I found that sounds so yummy!!
Have a beautiful weekend!!


  1. Enjoy your Halloween weekend! That appetizer looks delicious!:)

  2. Sounds wonderful! I hope you and your kids have a fabulous Halloween weekend!

  3. I can't wait to watch the game. So exciting! I'm making a new appetizer and homemade Rachel sandwiches.

    Have fun at your party tonight (Best parties are the ones where you can stumble home!). I love Octoberfest - probably because I love a good beer and brat!

  4. Yum Cakebread! I will be having LaCrema! Have fun and eat a brat for me!