Friday, June 25, 2010

How to Catch a Greased Pig

Yes, catching a greased pig is on my "to do" list this weekend!! We are finishing up a busy week with an equally busy weekend. Tonight we are having some neighbors over for pizza/beer/slip n slides and Saturday after baseball games, we have a farm party. I have a friend who has a farm about an hour and a half outside of STL and this weekend is her annual farm party. It really is fun, we have swimming in the lake, a big hotdog/s'more roast, ice cold adult beverages, a great band will be playing and of course we will be trying to catch a greased pig. 2 years ago was the first time I went to the farm party and the first time I witnessed a "catch the greased pig event." What happens is a large container of crisco is poured over the pig, then whoever wants to participates, gets in the pen and literally tries to catch the pig. Believe it or not you can go to to learn the best way to catch a pig. I have NEVER gotten in a pen with a pig and I NEVER will, but my kids think it is so much fun!! Sunday we will drop our 10 year old off for a week long overnight camp with 6 of his friends, then Sunday night I am treating my 39 year old face to a much needed facial! Whew!!


  1. That is hilarious! That party sounds like so much fun! I hope your little boy enjoys camp. I now work at the same camp I went to when I was younger! Enjoy your facial-I bet it will be very relaxing! Have a fabulous weekend!