Monday, June 22, 2015

Between Time

I usually am not one to hem and haw over what to wear.  I make up my mind, get dressed, and don't think about it, but the summer can sometimes throw me for a loop.

After a day at the pool/beach you come home, shower, and while you are still in the shower, think about that glass of rose just waiting for you.  At this point I would love to get into my comfy p.j.'s and sit on my porch and people watch, but it is only 5pm so I have now become my mother.

Since becoming someone that puts on p.j.'s at dusk is not an option, its time to get dressed, and after a day in the hot sun I just want something flowy and comfy.

all from here

bonus, if the hubs comes home and is feeling a night out for dinner I would be ready to go in any of these options!!


  1. This post cracked me up! I'm the same way when I get home from work. I put on my pj's or really comfortable worn out yoga pants/t shirt. I feel like such a slob! I need to get more fashionable comfy options. :-)