Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Happy Tuesday, I am still dragging from my fun filled weekend (more of that to come later).  However what I cannot get out of my mind is a conversation that I had with a lady during my 12 hour delay at the Denver airport.  I don't know how/where she came up with this info but she swears that STL is the perfect spot to grow a lime tree.  

I pretty much had lime trees growing in just Florida but now I am obsessed, I need one of these on my back deck.  Each summer I spend a small fortune on limes.

They go in my club soda

and my summertime drinks

they go in some of my favorite summer meals

and of course nothing is better than a homemade key lime pie

so today I am off to the nursery to find me a lime tree!!


  1. Oooh! That's a great idea! Limes are now $1 each here!! Crazy...

  2. I love limes maybe I should try one in the sunroom....it gets so hot there on a sunny day!

  3. I have a meyer lemon tree and treasure it like one of my babies. Have fun growing some yummy limes! Now I'm thinking I need one too....