Monday, July 8, 2013

Target Scores

Last week when I was in Michigan I ran to Target to pick up 1 thing my son needed for camp.  As usual I ended up with a cart full of things for myself.  When I am at home I try to stick to my budget, but when I am out of town all bets are off!!
These pants are so cute and so comfortable.  I paired these with a white tank, perfect for running errands and they were so comfy for my 7 hour car ride home.

Not only do I love the fact that by just buying this tank starving children in Africa will eat for a week, it is great with my workout capris pants that I wear when I do Bar Method.

These shorts look just like the JCrew critter shorts.

and I found this top to go with my shorts, I love how the different patterns compliment each other.

There is nothing better than slipping into a brand new pairs of pj's except maybe slipping into a really cute pair.

And finally, is anyone paying attention to the "activewear" section of Target??  Apparently they are taking some clues from Lululemon

I sure when I go back today I will find a cart load of other great finds!!


  1. Ha! I bought a new workout tank, pajama pants, and maxi dress last week while in Target in Ohio. I loved the critter shorts, but they didn't fit me well.

  2. Girl - I have that same workout top!! I love Target's workout clothes.

    You found such cute things!!

    Can't wait to see you in a couple days. :-)

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  5. Oh if we only had target in Ireland but I suppose my bank balance would be much lower.i like everything but in particular the sportswear.

  6. Great finds! Off to Target...;)

  7. Oh, I love Target. They have everything you need for your house and more! I think I go there every two weeks. I like the tie-dye tank top.