Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer in the South

I will be spending the next couple of days 4 hours south of STL where it is good and hot.  My parents have a place right on the lake so we will be outside from sun up until sun down.  Here are my must haves for a day of fun in the sun.

Oil of Olay complete.  This is the sunblock I use for my face in the summer.  It has SPF,  zinc oxide and it is light so I don't break out.  Years ago my dermatologist told me this was the best sunblock for faces and I have never looked back.

gotta protect my body too, I love the Hawaiian tropic shimmer.  Not only does it save my skin from burning but it also leaves a gold shimmer on your skin so you glisten in the sun...

Ray ban aviators, always a staple...

usually by 2 pm I need to put on a hat because I can feel my face getting too hot.  I have a couple go-to's in my pool bag.

the JCrew floppy hat...

or my good old cardinals hat...

I think I drink a gallon of coconut water everyday...

the best sunblock for the kiddos...

and of course this book,  I am just getting to the juicy part!!

Happy Summer!


  1. I may write a book here--I'll start with Fifty: love Christian Grey, I don't care what anyone says the books are great fun! I may read them a 3rd time, what the heck. Drinking LaCroix by the case, have that Jcrew floppy hat and love it, long time love affair with aviators, and going to go buy the HT shimmer and Olay. I think you're all set for serious fun on the lake and of course now I'm going shopping again-Happy Monday Jill:)

  2. I love the Hawaiian tropic shimmer too!! And always a hat!

  3. -that oil of olay sounds interesting...i´m always on the hunt for a good sunscreen
    -love hawaiian tropic=discontinued in europe ;(((
    -have the same jcrew hat ;)
    -i use la roche posay for my kids
    -what a great post

    xx doro

  4. I am on the third book- it is cray! Hope you have a wonderful time!

  5. I am quite jealous of you heading off to a lake and endless sunshine days!! Fabulous choices...I must get that book:) Enjoy your break!

  6. Just picked up something similiar to the sunblock!!

  7. Happy Summer. Love all your picks. Good to know about the kid's sunscreen. I also use the same oil of olay. Love it.

  8. Happy holiday enjoy the sunshine

  9. Happy happy Summer! Sorry I haven't been around lately to read your blog Jill. I have been crazy busy with trying to move across the country! I hope you are having a fab summer!!!