Monday, April 2, 2012

Scenes From My Weekend

My weekend officially started for me Thursday night when I headed downtown for the STL fashion show. I decided on my high/low maxi from my fun shopping night, and I broke in my glitter shoes...
we had a great time sipping cocktails and watching the runway show...
I saw some great pieces for summer...

but what really caught my eye was a cuff bracelet that many of the models were wearing...this cuff is the work of St. Louis' own Laura Kathleen from Project Runway...
Dr. Beautiful got wind of how obsessed I was with the cuff (thanks Mandi)...
and surprised me with this for our night out on Friday...
I love getting a gift "just because"


  1. I love just because gifts!!! Ok, I have to have your skirt! Spill! Where did you get it?
    looks like a great weekend!

  2. Now THAT is a statement piece. How sweet of your cute husband to surprise you with it out of the blue - you're right about "just because" gifts. They mean the most.

    You look really chic in that hi-low skirt. I bought a hi-low dress a few weeks back. I am waiting for the weather to turn warm and sunny so I can finally wear it!
    Happy Monday!

  3. Love the coral skirt and your cuff is amazing!!

  4. You look fab! Love fashion shows! Mr is awesome for getting you that cuff, you rocked it!

  5. You have such a sweet hubby!! I remember that chick from PR. I love that cuff! You both look so stunning in that last photo. Meow!

  6. That bracelet is gorgeous! Looks great on you! I love a good fashion too!