Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pearls of Wisdom

My son will be going to a new school in the Fall, and yesterday I was invited to a "new mom" luncheon for all the mother's of the new incoming class.  I was a little nervous,  I did not know any of these new ladies, but I decided I was going to go. If we can send my child to a new school where he knows no one then surely I can go to a champagne luncheon at a beautiful country club, plus my hair was done from my party.

At this lunch we were given some suggestions about affirming our sons (his new school is all boys)  I just had to share because this really touched me, and I think this is so so very important for sons and daughters.  Even if your child is not close to being a teenager I hope this stays with you, because time is fleeting.

1. Ask his advice, this is very affirming to teenage men.

2. Say "thank you", "I appreciate that" or "that was kind of you"  He may not respond or may reject this compliment but say it anyway.

3. If someone else says something positive about your son, repeat it to him.  This is second hand affirmation, he may not react much but he is hearing it.

4. All teenage boys want to be funny.  A sign of a good mother-son relationship is a boy who can make his mother laugh.  Find ways to laugh with your son.

5. Affirmation notes- put up work you son did on the fridge to show it off.  Younger children like this.  Older boys act like it is stupid, do it anyway.

6. Hugs- hug your son.  He may not give much in the way of returning the hug, but hug him anyway.

I ended up having a great time and meeting lots of new ladies, I hope this is a sign of good things to come for my son.


  1. Oh this is so sweet! I hope your son loves his new school and makes lots of amazing new friends!

  2. Nodding in agreement to all these Jill! My two don't talk as much as the girls, but I always try to make time for them individually and show interest in their achievements:) I am sure your son will do fantastic at the new school! How fast they grow up:)

  3. Wonderful thougths and ideas :)

  4. This is a wonderful post, thank you so much for sharing. I have a 10 year old (and a 4 yo) son so this is very useful, sometimes we forget things we used to do, like puttings things on the frige ;)
    xx doro

  5. These are wonderful. I'm sure everyone there loved you!!! I would've been nervous too. Did you wear those pearls? :->

  6. I have two boys (one is 3 years old and one is 7 months). I can't even imagine them as teenagers. Hopefully they will be sleeping through the night by then, ha ha! (I'm soooo tired)


  7. How sweet! I hope he loves his new school :)