Monday, November 14, 2011

Scenes From the Weekend

Happy Monday!! I cannot believe it is our last full week before the holiday season begins. Hope everyone had a great weekend. We started off our weekend by breaking in my favorite "win" from our auction. A patio table with a built in fire pit, this was the perfect spot for wine, cheese, and a little dinner Friday night...Saturday was a truly beautiful fall day and we spent it at a beautiful winery about an hour outside of STL...

After 9 hours at a winery, lets just say I did not get many pictures that my friends would want on the internet. I did get one of me and the hubs, very happy from our wine tastings...
Sunday, I rallied and made a new chicken dish for our family dinner, it was delish!!
I will post the recipe soon, this one is a keeper!!


  1. That patio set is nice! 9 hrs at a winery... I would still be recuperating

  2. That patio set is so nice!! I need to visit you so we can sit out there and have wine! You and Dr. Beautiful look great!

  3. The patio is so romantical! I love it! And post the recipe for that chicken! It looks awesome!

  4. Love the idea of dining outside at this time of year with a fire pit! Sounds like a fab weekend:)

  5. love the patio set~! Great bid :) And 9 hours at the winery would keep me in bed for weeks ;) xo Lis

  6. Loving the patio set! Hope you are having a fabulous day! xo