Wednesday, November 9, 2011

House Beautiful

Last week I met a friend for lunch, then we headed over to a designers showhouse. This is a home where the city's best designers come together in one home, take a room, and decorate to their own personal style. For 2 weeks this home is open for the public to tour and admire. Typically they choose a home that is registered with the historical society of St. Louis and always the home is fabulous...I absolutely loved the formal living room. The built ins, the french doors that opened to the patio, and the crown molding were amazing. I loved the wall color and the placement of the furniture. I always love to see a room with a grand piano and how the furniture is placed around the piano. We have a baby grand and I am still not sure if I love how my furniture is set up in my living room. This room was truly grand but still had that comfy lived in feeling...
As much as I loved the living room, I was blown away when I saw the master suite which consisted of the bedroom, the sitting room, the dressing room, and the bathroom. The second I stepped foot in the bedroom I was in love. The color scheme, the fabrics, the vintage bar cart in the corner, and the stenciling on the wall were so rich and so elegant...
Next we wandered to the attached sitting room, which was surrounded with windows on all 3 sides so the light was spectacular. I would love to have this room off my bedroom. I would just sink into my comfy couch with my latte and read a magazine...
Next was the stunning dressing room that led into the bathroom. How pretty is this dressing room. The silk taffeta panels instead of closet doors was just pure genius. It gave the room a feeling that you were in the most exquisite boutique in Paris.
As my friend and I were heading out, the designer of the master suite was walking in. I recognized him from his photo. I started chatting with him telling him how amazing his work was and how I thought he had the best room in the house. He gave me his card and told me to call him. He also mentioned he was very busy decorating a house in Dallas and a penthouse in NYC. My bubble slowly burst when I heard this, a penthouse in NYC can mean only one thing for me, this is going to be very expensive. I took his card and went on my way, his card is now in my file folder of beautiful pictures that I have torn out of magazines for inspiration, and business cards from people and places that I have admired. Most likely this is where his card will stay.

My dad always says "if you have to ask how much something costs, you probably can't afford it"


  1. I love that saying! Those rooms are gorgeous. I like them because they are classically beautiful and timeless. Not too trendy and modern.

    We have weird mirrored sliding doors on all our closets. Since I don't own this place I can't really do anything about them but I love the idea of beautiful drapery instead!

  2. A fabulous home! Love the silk taffeta panels:)

  3. My mom used to take me to designer showh omes in the dc area growing up. Sadly, this spoiled me and set my expectations way to high. I feel horrible for my future husband! love the cozy look of this one!

  4. I love that dressing room! What a fabulous home!

  5. I love that saying! Those rooms are gorgeous. I like them because they are classically beautiful and timeless. Not too trendy and bed style

  6. What a fabulous house! LOVE that bed!