Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hello December

So Thanksgiving just flew by and now we are less than 2 weeks until Christmas, how did that happen??!!

I completely overbook myself and kids the months of November and December and I absolutely love it.  There is so much to do this time of year, we can rest in January.

I hung out with my guy Andy Cohen

kicked off the Christmas season with tea at the Ritz

trimmed the tree

checked out the activities around town

did our annual big bear brunch

decorated gingerbread houses

watched my kids dance



and play

  Been to plenty of work parties for the hubby

and my favorite shopping party for me

I've done the cookie exchange

and we have already been to 2 breakfasts with Santa

We still have so many activities,

 and I am saving the best for last
The Nutcracker

with a pre show tea with the cast mastes

Santa at the symphony

wild lights at the zoo

my annual girls Christmas dinner and gift exchange

the BEST breakfast with Santa in the city

Holiday brunch at American Girl Doll

and Christmas Eve dinner at our house

But before Christmas I have the 1 final activity that I am not looking forward to at all


  1. I LOVE how you book yourself solid! I need to get my kids piano lessons but they are $30 a lesson in Chicago and I can't afford it. I had them for 10 years and would love for them to play.

    The American Girl Cafe is a good idea. I should do that with Keira next week.

    Enjoy all your fun activities!

  2. So exciting that you hung out with Andy Cohen! And your kiddos are so beautiful. Happy holidays to you and your family!

    Heidi D.

  3. Looks like you still have loads of exciting events to fit in! Lovely photos Jill:)

  4. This is the biggest bragging blog I've ever seen. You offer nothing except to post pictures of your soooooooo busy life. I don't even get it. Stick to Fakebook! Why do you do this?