Monday, July 7, 2014

Ladies Who Lunch

We are big foodies over here, I would eat out every meal if money and weight were no object.  Lisa Vanderpump makes owning a restaurant look so glamourous but the reality is that you would probably spend every night and weekend at your place, which would really effect my social life, not sure I am cut out for that.

So what's a girl to do if she wants a restaurant but still wants her nights for herself....

Open a restaurant that closes for the day when lunch is over (brilliant)  Am I really going to open a lunch spot, no.  I will, however be more than willing to sample these types of restaurants that seem to be popping up

The Woman's Exchange
This tea room is a STL classic, it has been around for years and years.  I average at this restaurant about once a month and have been doing that for 10 years, in the 10 years I have maybe seen 1 man dining.  This place is all about the ladies.  The 2 best things about this place...

the salad

and the coveted Cherry Dress that is sold in the little shop at the front of the restaurant

The Nest
if you are going to lunch with your kids, this is the new place to go

Everything they serve is fresh, organic and healthy

and cute

and while you are noshing and checking your emails your kids are happy and well contained

Half and Half
One of my favorite lunch spots sans kids.  last year the guys that own this place decided to do pop up restaurants at night.  Every couple months they had a different theme (mexican, farm to table) and it was brilliant and wildly popular.  The problem, they no longer had their nights free so they went back to just lunch.  I totally understand guys.

Death in the Afternoon
I am actually trying this new lunch only spot today, it opened a couple weeks ago and all I keep hearing is how amazing this place is.  
This restaurant is a spin off of the "members only" restaurant Blood and Sand.  These guys are brilliant, you pay a monthly membership fee otherwise you are not eating here.  Its totally worth the fee for the truffled tator tots alone, trust me.  Anyway their new baby Death in the Afternoon is the place to eat downtown, as of now anyone can dine here but if it is as popular as its big brother, that might change real soon.

Those Parisians are onto something lunch begins at 11am ends about 2pm then a little cat nap!!


  1. Death in the Afternoon? I love it! I better spend time with Rich now before Pearl's opens because I'm never going to see him! I love 11 -2 pm lunches.

    Welcome back home. :-)

  2. I'm so jealous of that place to take kids. I had a similar idea but was too chicken to open it up! I guess there's still time....