Friday, December 16, 2011

Girl Friday

We have another fun filled weekend ahead of us. I have my last tennis match of the year this morning, I have not lost a match yet so fingers crossed. After I hopefully win, I can officially relax at our annual Christmas tennis luncheon...
We will be getting our fill of Santa this weekend, but that is what December is all about. Tonight it is dinner with santa...
Then Saturday morning breakfast with Santa, one of my favorite events at our club...
Saturday afternoon the girls are off to an art camp so I can get some presents wrapped...

then Saturday night one of my oldest friends is having a birthday/Christmas party...Sunday I am getting together with 2 friends and we are taking our girls to a holiday tea where we will meet the ballerinas that star in the Nutcracker...
Then onto the performance. Growing up my mom would take my sisters and I to see the Nutcracker. I love getting dressed up and heading downtown, there is so much excitement and energy in the air. This is something I do every year with Libby and I absolutely love it..
I will be back just in time to get ready for my Christmas with the girls...
I can't wait for the gift exchange! yeah!!
Have a beautiful weekend


  1. First of all, good luck with your tennis match. I hope you win!

    Second, you always have the busiest most fun weekends. How do you do it without collapsing? :-)

    I've never seen the Nutcracker. Can you believe that? My nieces dance in it every year and I've yet to see them. Shame on me.

    I'm going to the Pennisula Hotel for drinks on Saturday night and to watch the Packer game on Sunday. Woo hoo!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful, busy weekend!!! Good luck at your tennis match!!!

  3. Your weekends are always so much more exciting than mine! Have fun girl and tell Santa to bring me a new purse:)

  4. sounds like so much fun! I love seeing the Nutcracker!

  5. Seriously this is the most festive holiday weekend ever! Love it! I will be living vicariously through you :) And hope you won your match! :)

  6. Wow, Girlfriend, you sure know how to pack a lot into a weekend! Sounds like a blast! Hope you enjoyed it all (I had a Christmas party last night and drank a little too much tequila - Cranberry Margaritas. Tis the season...)!

  7. The holiday tea sounds so fun, and I love the Nutcracker! Me and the girls went last year, and now we want to make it a tradition every year. It sounds like you are enjoying the season as much as I am. Merry Christmas, sweet friend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley