Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Usually, we go someplace warm and sunny for Spring break. This year we decided on something completely different. This Spring we will be heading out west to...Beaver Creek.

While Dan and I are swooshing down the mountain, the kids will spend a couple hours in ski school. My little Matthew at the Beaver Creek ski school about 6 years ago.
The best part of making it down the mountain in 1 piece, the warm chocolate chip cookies just waiting for you.
While we are in Colorado, we will also ice skate,
go tubing, which I hear is the hot new thing to do,
have a fantastic dinner at Beano's Cabin at the top of the mountain,
and take a sleigh ride.
Dan and I, at the summit of Beaver Creek, 3 years ago.
I love to ski, but my heart really belongs to a warm, tropical island. I am a tad bit jealous of all my friends heading south, this girl needs a tan!!

Where are you heading this Spring?


  1. Umm Can I join your family? You are always doing the most fun things! That trip sounds amazing- but I am with you my heart belongs somewhere warm. Maybe your May trip will be tropical!

  2. That sounds like a great time. I love to ski. However, since most of the winter I'm buried alive, I can't wait to hit the beach. We will be taking a caribbean cruise about the Allure of the Seas. Can't wait! These old bones need heat! LOL.

    Do you think maybe Dan has planned a warm vay-cay for the two of you? I'm so excited to hear where you are going!

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Jill- that looks beautiful and oh so enticing but I have been so sick of the cold I am headed to a beach somewhere. We are thinking St. Thomas? Thinking we might start trying again (making babies of course) so got to get away before we can't get away! LOL!

  4. I am cracking up over the last picture, because you look SO FABULOUS after a day of skiing. How do you do it???

    The chocolate chip cookies alone would be worth the trip for me. Don't worry, you'll get your tropical vacation - I'm sure of it!

  5. That looks like SO much fun! Esp the tubing and cookies! You'll have a blast :)

  6. Oh, have fun with your family. Looks beautiful... there is always self tanner! xo

  7. Sounds like an awesome trip! I am sure you will have a fabulous time! I like to go someplace warm and tropical too. But a couple of years ago we went to Telluride CO in March, and I had much more fun than I expected! I think you will too! :)

  8. How much fun!! See, now I am the jealous one because NWH and I have NEVER been skiing! We keep saying we're going to, but we just never do!

    I'm thinking our Spring Break is going to be spent in D.C. I've never been there either and it just seems like a Spring Break kind of place.

    P.S. It's never really hot in the South in March if that makes you feel better. Unless of course you're playing on going to Miami!

    Telia, NewlyWedWifeLife

  9. My brother used to work in Beaver Creek! He was probably there when you were last time.

    He's living back in Wisconsin now with my sister. :-)

    Have fun! It looks so gorgeous there. I never got the chance to visit him when he was living there. I regret that now!!

  10. Aw! You're going to have a blast, and tubing is so much fun! I would say I'm jealous, but i'm so sick of the cold right now;( I wouldnt turn down an awesome ski trip though!!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  11. That looks amazing - we were supposed to be leaving for a skiing trip in Vail this weekend:( But instead we are heading to your American dream country for Spring break - we will be in NYC and Disney in April - I cannot wait!! x

  12. Tu aimes la chaleur, mais tes photos de neige et de sports d'hiver sont magnifiques. La belle vie!
    Et ici, sur la Côte d'Azur, on attend maintenant la chaleur pour retrouver la plage. :-)

  13. That sounds incredible! I wan to go skiing in Colorado so badly! I'm sure y'all will have a fabulous time!

  14. Oh dear... That's just about heaven on earth isn't it???

    New reader - Love the blog!