Sunday, July 11, 2010

2 Awards!!

I should go out of town more often, I got home to find that I have 2 awards!! Yeah, I am really excited. Thank you, thank you to Cool Gal at It's the World I know and to Miss Southern prep at Preppy Southerner. Basically I need to share unknown facts about here goes!

1. I have 3 sisters, one of my sisters is adopted from Vietnam.

2. I have 1 brother, he is adopted from Korea. (My dad was in the Navy many years ago and he saw so many orphans overseas and knew he would adopt some)

3. My senior year of college I was on student council to fluff up my resume and I ended up on the committee that sponsored concerts. We had the Blues Travelers come and I got to hang out with John Popper all day and run silly little errands for him.

4. I have lived in Paris.

5. I taught for 6 years, I had no education degree and my first day of teaching was the first time I stepped foot in the classroom (as a teacher) I was told I was a great teacher and I did go on and get my certification.

I am supposed to tag 10 people but I am a new blogger and I think that maybe only like 8 people actually read this bog, so I guess I will tag all 8 of you:)


  1. So cool that you lived in Paris. Its one of my favorite cities. Just magical!!

    Also how amazing that your parents adopted 2 children. I was watching something about all the orphans in Haiti last night and it broke my heart. I want to adopt a child from Haiti but Rich says No. Boo. :-)

  2. Blues Traveler? Oooh! Love, loved them in high school.
    (Ew. Now I'm feeling old.) I worked at a golf course in college and once got to hang with Dave Matthews all day. And the band. Was pretty much coolest day ever.

  3. How cool to have lived in Paris.

    I think it's wonderful you have two adopted siblings. That is too cool.