Monday, December 21, 2015

12 Cookies of Christmas

Growing up my mom always made 12 different varieties of cookies for the holidays (I know, she had a lot of free time right) for the 12 days of Christmas.  While I would like to say that I am so organized that I too make 12 different cookies, that is just not the case.  If I make 4 kinds then I call that a success.  

I have rounded up my top 12 cookies, so if you are feeling motivated I promise you cannot go wrong with any of these!!

Jewel Cookies
I personally think raspberry jelly is the best and it must be bonne maman

Decorator Sugar Cookies
If you have children and you only make 1 cookies, this needs to be it!!  One of my best childhood memories is icing cookies with my brother and sisters and this was the recipe my mom used.  I know, butter crisco, but this is so. damn. good.   If you have an ounce of restraint then bake away.

Meringue Cookies
We call these nighty nights in my home because they sit in the oven overnight.  I always leave out the  nuts, that seems to be a bit too much.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pretty Little Things

This afternoon I am forcing myself to stay home and start wrapping presents.  A beautiful wrapping job can make a pair of socks even look fabulous.  All I need to see this come together is some Christmas tunes, a nice glass of pinot, and a little inspiration...

and if things get really crazy over here I might just make some pom-poms

looks like I might need a second glass of that wine!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Girlfriend's Guide to Gifts

Not only is December here, but it is closing in on Christmas.  My December to do list is a full time job in and of itself.  The past 2 weeks have been utterly exhausting with non stop parties and gift exchanges.   I love shopping for my favorite things, wrapping them pretty, and then seeing what happens in a game of rob your neighbor.

My first stop for gifts was Kate Spade.   I know, you just can't go wrong in that store!!
here is the world's hands down most darling coin purse, and a damn cute hostess gift

a glitter make up bag with my all time favorite staple especially in the winter

do yourself a favor and stock up on this now.

I think I bought the stud earrings in every color under the sun
These are just great to have on hand for that last minute gift that somehow slipped your mind.

And then of course I had to get a little something for myself, and I absolutely could not resist buying this purse...
swear to God, cutest thing ever!!  
You take this purse out and you will be asked constantly where you got it.

This past Sunday night was one of my favorite nights of the holiday season, i.e. the Nordstrom Christmas Shopping Party so I added to my gift exchange pile
This shimmer body powder smells amazing and leaves glitter all over your body

and another great scent is Tory Burch
they had so many gifts with purchase on Sunday night so I got this bar of soap for free
hostess gift or gift to self???

I think every day at 5pm on the dot the wine comes out and the lounge wear comes on
who doesn't want comfy flannel pants??!!

And for the girl who has everything and can appreciate a good sense of humor, this tray nails it!

so awesome!!